Colaianni s.r.l. Italian Floor Tile Manufacturing,
a leading company in its field, presents a unique line of production, obtained by combining tradition and innovation. The company originated in 1946 when the founder Vito Colaianni first invented exposed aggregate tiles manufactured under hydraulic pressure. Since then this process has been successfully continuing and meeting, with the demands of better quality. All our products are manufactured with selected materials and periodically undergo electronic quality controls to be sure they meet the company's high standards. By coming different colour patterns and materials we are able to obtain unequalled designs, a look of luxury and superb quality, all at competitive prices.


via Enrico Fermi, 22 (Zona Industriale) - 72100 Brindisi (Italy)
tel. 0831 571538 - fax 0831 557169
e.mail: info@colaiannisrl.com